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Here's the story...

"I didn't want to become another statistic..."

It all started with a doctor's appointment back in 2006. I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and the doctor's prescription was diet and exercise. I was only 22 and decided I was too young to become a statistic. I started meal prepping and exercising. I have been meal prepping for over 12 years--with much success and a reversed diagnosis of cardiomyopathy!

I have now been meal prepping for myself for over 12 years, and it helps me so much. It gives me time back during the week with my daughter and husband, and I don’t have to stress over that all too familiar question, "What's for dinner?" With that said, I almost need a day or two to prep all of our food. Making a meal plan, grocery shopping, preparing and then prepping. That is a significant amount of time for someone with a busy schedule. Nonetheless, we all deserve health--and good health for that matter. I choose to invest in my health because I don’t want to be a statistic or let a diagnosis define me.

You should also invest in your health; let me help you! I can prepare some of your weekly meals and give you back both time and quality. 

Opening Rooted Joy was the most difficult, yet easiest decision I ever made. That only makes sense to me, I am sure. Becoming a business owner is scary. You have all of these things running through your head. However, I decided with my heart that this was the time. It was the best decision I have ever made! I am glad I took the leap!


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